I have been smoking properly for 10 years now. If I remember rightly, I started to be ‘cool’ at 8ish and inhaled my first cigarette at 9, it was the best feeling ever that day, I was ‘high’ from smoking a cigarette. I remember the scene well, I was with the Gang and we were cool, we wondered around our area, I don’t remember exactly where it was I smoked (inhaled) my first cigarette but I do remember it being in a field, the grass was green, there were little buttercups growing, it was peaceful (until we got there of course), I inhaled – cool as I was – I choked obviously, I was sitting down and when I finished I tried to stand up and couldn’t, I felt amazing, I was floating, brilliant, fantastic, high and untouchable. I am 19 now, and I wish I never started, I am addicted. I have failed at quitting so many times, it just can’t be done; I guess it can be done, maybe I am just not willing enough to quit.

So for anyone who reads this who smokes, How old were you when you inhaled? Can you remember being ‘high’? or was that just me.

And this might be contradicting because I smoke but if you don’t smoke, don’t ever start; it will be your life, morning, day and night

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My thoughts

Seen as the slogan for this blog is “Ger’s thoughts” I should add something that involves my thoughts.

So.. from the top of my head here’s my thoughts.

Politics, Politicians are the biggest gangsters ever, bigger than any mafia or triad.

Religion, I am atheist, I respect that people want to believe in something it’s just not me.

Money, money is a curse, it’s a curse when you have too much and a curse when you have too little, but where is the in-between amount we should have? Why is there rich and poor? There are rich and poor people to balance the world out, it’s natural for humans to have some sort of “I am better than you” system, money is that system.

That’s enough for now.

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Take-in the vibes

Funkadelic have to be one of the most underated bands ever.

Just listen to them it’s like their music takes you away from yourself, brings you to a new world; so soulful and powerful, every note hits home.

I love this one


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Catherine, my guardian won’t stop pestering me about my special someone she has it in her head that I have a girlfriend, which I don’t. She’s annoying me with comments like “ask her to dinner” , “bring her out for dinner” , “what’s her name?”, “why don’t you get the bus and see her” , “don’t lie to me Gerard, I know there’s someone” and all the while I am like “what the fuck has brought this on.. leave me alone, please!”

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I really need to change how I live. I really do enjoy my style of living, but it’s really fucked messed up.

I need to excercise more, I rarely do any. In fact, I haven’t done any in MONTHS.

I should quit smokin’, but I have tried so many times that I am concluding that I will never quit, I should maybe try to cut the amount I smoke.

I love food, but when I eat; I eat the wrong things. Even if there is a healthy option I will choose the thing that tastes better and fill my belly. Usually that option is Kebab, Dominos, McDonalds and on a rare occasion I might get a Sub. I love to cook also, but cooking requires energy and I just do not have it anymore.

Coffee… ah the drug. I am too addicted to coffee to even consider quitting it, I would genuinely not survive without it.

All in all my body needs a complete detox for a whole year for me to be the same again, well not the same but some how closer. The problem is motivation, I have absolutely zero.

To be motivated I think is very hard, where do we get motivation? I think it comes from almost everything, it’s all about feeling that emotion at the right time. If you hit that feeling at the right time, well, the world is your oyster, eat it!

end of rant..

It turns out that WordPress think ‘Motivation’ is a cliché; this is funny.

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The small things

It’s the small things that make certain things that much more better. I love small things, they all add up and it’s brilliant. I’m not going to explain anything about small things, I’ll leave that to you.

Why do we do the things we do? Why? You’re wondering now what the fuck I am on about, I don’t really know myself.

I am really blaberin’. I am always full of Why. Why not.. How can you learn if you don’t get answers, how can you learn if you don’t ask?

Today has been a miserable day for me, I woke up this morning afternoon with a really hot head, so hot I could have killed someone (exaggeration) but you get my point. I have been fine all day, I haven’t eaten, I don’t feel hungry; I smoke too much and drink too much coffee.

the end.

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Feeling good

I’ve always wondered deep down what feeling good actually is, I know that feeling good is being happy. Being happy is a good thing, but you can’t be happy all the time, life doesn’t work like that. So to feel good what are the ingredients? My answer to that is friends and interpitation. Friends are the  creaters of feeling good  or atleast the good ones, they may make you upset sometimes, but life isn’t perfect and no one is perfect.

This blog post might be hard to understand but when you sit back and think about it, it really isn’t. A question you should ask yourself is, what makes you feel good and happy? If you think about money, alchohol, drugs etc then you are living in a dream world and really need to wake-up. Life is a roller-coaster (niche?) there’s ups and there’s downs, but it’s all one  big huge experience and life makes you who you are, just as you make life what it is.

So to round it all up, I am feeling good, I am happy for the friends I have, new and old. It’s always good to make new friends, you learn more about life and about yourself, everyone has a differen’t view on life itself, why not learn from that?

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Here goes ‘spontanious’

I woke this morning at 8 and had 1 second to get ready (which is typical of me, I go to bed way to late). I left at 8:10.. it took about 1hour59minutes to get to college. It must have been -15 degrees outside, it was so cold my hair froze solid and if I touched it, it would have broke. I rolled a cigarette (I use tobacco and roll my own so I’ll call it rollies from now on) smoked it as fast as I could, met up with Roísín and went to Programming for 9:10.

I’m not even gonna continue, I am really bad at writing anything when I think about it. All of what I have typed is typical from a 10 year old…

I did.. I woke.. I am.. it would.. It was…

It’s all very boring... I hope that who ever reads this gets the joke – not that it is funny but you get me – about it being an exaggeration. If not; read it again but pay more attention to the smaller details.

Question: If blue is green and Green is yellow, what color is blue?

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I knew I had blogs here and there, I was pretty sure I had them deleted or I had just completely lost them (if at all possible)
I tried to create a new blog on WordPress and booom my name was taken, along with the link
So I must have thought I could blog back in the summer when I had free time, but that was an epic fail if you read my previous posts.

Ok, I havn’t really thought about posting anything yet.
I think I’ll just be spontanious and write what ever comes into my head when I click ‘New Post’ on the tab bar of the cool wordpress navigation system.

I’ll give it a shot in a few.

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Michael Jackson Fakes his own death

This shit really pisses me off. The way this article is written, the picture they use.

I have to laugh at some of it though, simply because they conjure up some BULLSHIT…

…he’s in is to fake his death, cut his hair and go underground..

Want a funny read?
Read if you wish…

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